Kristy is a recording artist, songwriter, an actress, and Entrepreneur! She is the Voice of Barbie, and her new Single "GET UP AGAIN" is available now on iTunes.

The daughter of two musicians, singer/songwriter and dance music diva Kristy Kay grew up in Hollywood but moved to Nashville as an adult to work on her songwriting. She began her professional career with session work, singing for the Kidz Bop series plus Barbie and Bratz doll commercials. In 2005, she teamed with producer Lenny Bertoldo for a cover version of the Divinyls' 1991 hit "I Touch Myself." Released on the Radikal imprint Bump, the white-label pressing was an instant dancefloor hit, then remixes from DJ Stone and Marco Zappala appeared on the track's official release. Her track "Angel" appeared in one of the Dance Dance Revolution video games, and in 2008 she co-wrote "Move Your Body," the debut single from porn star Savanna Samson. Work for the Kidzbop music series and the American Idol video game followed and then, in 2011, her song "American Princess" landed in the film The Greening of Whitney Brown starring Kris Kristofferson and Brooke Shields. ~ David Jeffrie